Yep, having a massage is my number one way to pamper and treat myself fabulously! I have been going for years and have been blessed to have been worked on by some gifted hands!

One of my ultimate favourite massage therapists at our first appointment, opened up these huge double doors, stood there with dim light twinkling all around him and introduced himself, “Kelly? Hello, my name is Moses. Welcome.” I was in awe; he was divine.

I take my massage therapy very serious. I need to have a connection with someone at a spiritual level. One time, I went to a highly recommended massage therapist in a new city I was living in but the ambiance was lacking; she played the local radio station, furniture ads and all… She was great but the experience lacked depth.

Here are some tips to get the most from your massage treatment.

· If your massage therapist is located at a spa, ask if there is a whirlpool or other water treatment that you can add to your treatment while you wait for your appointment.

· If these services are not available, arrive a little early, bring your favourite book or if this is the only time you indulge in fashion magazines, make sure you have enough time to get the scoop!

· During the massage, casually mention to the therapist that you are so looking forward to some peace and quiet – avoid talking as much as possible and really connect with your muscles and sensations in your body, letting go and relaxing.

· After your massage, don’t book a big evening out. Your hair is likely going to be oily so go home and take an Epsom salt bath. Again grab a book or light candles or both and drink loads of water. Cuddle yourself in a cushy bath towel or robe and go to bed early! Mmmmmm… sounds good?

It is actually one of my personal goals to have the lifestyle that allows for a 1.5 hour massage per week. Heaven!! I publicly set this as my intention. I am open to receive!!

Enjoy and Embrace Your Life!