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Chloe & the Butterflies is ready for purchase!

Perfect as a gift, as part of a bedtime routine, or discussed in the classroom, the true and touching story is a gentle guide, helping young minds face change, transition, and loss that are part of everyone’s journey.

Children will discover that love connects us, empowering them to face life’s challenges with hope and reassurance.

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Exploring Children’s Grief

Supporting children through grief can vary depending on their age and developmental stage. This can be very challenging to navigate, while it is likely you yourself are also grieving or adapting.

Here are 10 Ways to Support Your Children Navigate Change, Transition & Loss:

    1. Open communication: Encourage children to express their feelings and thoughts about the loss. Provide a safe and non-judgmental space for them to talk about their emotions.
    2. Age-appropriate explanations: Tailor your explanations to the child’s age and level of understanding. Use simple, honest, concrete language to help them comprehend the situation.
    3. Validate emotions: Let children know that their feelings are normal and that it’s okay to grieve. Avoid telling them to “be strong” or “stop crying.” Instead, say things like, “That sounds hard. Tell me more.”
    4. Maintain routines: Consistency in daily routines can provide a sense of security and stability for children during a time of upheaval.
    5. Be a role model: Show healthy ways to cope with grief by managing your emotions and seeking support when needed.
    6. Provide physical comfort: Hugs, cuddles, and physical reassurance can help children feel loved and secure.
    7. Encourage creative outlets: Art, journaling, and other creative activities can allow children to express themselves when words may be insufficient.
    8. Offer resources: Recommend books, support groups, or counselling services for grieving children. These resources can help them better understand and cope with their grief.
    9. Encourage reminiscence: Share stories and memories of the person or pet who has died, helping the child celebrate their life and legacy.
    10. Monitor and adapt support: Pay attention to the child’s evolving needs as they navigate the grieving process. Be ready to adjust your support accordingly.

Remember that grief is a unique and individual experience for each child. What works best for one child may not be as effective for another. The key is to be patient, empathetic, and flexible in your approach to supporting children through their grief. Additionally, seeking guidance from a mental health professional experienced in child grief counselling can be highly beneficial.

Follow Your Heart to Discover Your Life Purpose 

A Guide to Creating Authenticity in Your Relationships, Career, and Health and Wellness.


I regularly stop in awe of our capacity for resilience and the incredible power we have to create our lives! The insights I learned during my journey have enriched my work and the lives of my students and clients!

I grew up bouncing back and forth between what I should do and what I wanted to do. Always eager to please and measure my success by what I achieved, I conformed to expectations.

I was always searching for more – a relentless ache.

Throughout my late 20s, after struggling and repeatedly failing to create the “perfect” family, my relationship became strained…; it became painfully apparent, everything I was doing was not working. Facing the significant losses in my life, my health began to suffer, and at age 31, I needed to make a change.

I did the work. I gathered the courage. And I made radical changes in my life.

Almost immediately, my body transformed, and literally, the stress (and pounds) melted off me! Life softened and became effortless; I felt like I was being led and gifted with solutions.

With a new sense of self, I knew I wanted to use my life to make a difference and help people create fulfillment in life and work. Thus the creation of my book “Follow Your Heart To Discover Your Life Purpose“.


The Details

The Follow Your Heart book details navigating through grief and my healing journey toward finding fulfillment in love and life.

In the book, you are invited to explore self-empowerment activities, challenging you to chase your dreams!

As someone who has struggled through miscarriages, infertility, and divorce, I know what it’s like to search for meaning and feel the pain of being stuck and lost. More importantly, I know how to move through the pain of suffering and find freedom and peace. In this guide, there are:

  • Tools, activities, and resources to empower yourself;
  • Action plans so you can reach your full potential;
  • Insights to help you find peace and harmony in your relationships;
  • Hope so you can overcome obstacles to achieve your goals.

Never forget: You are unique!

Gather your courage, listen to the whispers of your intuition, and then share your truth and gifts in the world.

Where Can You Purchase My Book?

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