Let me help you experience

Fulfillment Personally & Professionally!

Use these tools and strategies to create your ideal life!

Take action that is intentional.

Focus on your vision, live based on your values and strenths!

Save time by eliminating distractions.

Create momentum and see results!

Lifestyle Design

Create a vision for your life that captures your true desire and deepest values.

Improved Relationships

Expand your capacity to connect and communicate with loved ones. 

Stress Management

Learn and apply mindfulness tools to transform your energy.

Career Reinvention

Create a lean business plan and strategy to grow your side business  or secure the ideal job.

 What Is Coaching?

Who is Coaching For? How does it work?

Coaching is an alliance between a trained coach and client, where the focus is for the client to realize the achievement of a specific goal. Coaching is proven to help clients break through personal and professional blocks and close the gap between their current reality and the ideal vision they have for life! Coaching is for anyone who wants more from life, anyone on the path to discover their true purpose, potential and expand their perspective!




Accountability is the absolute key in a successful coaching relationship. We strive to meet our goals when we agree to report back to someone. Weekly coaching provides the safe space to explore the hidden reasons we hold ourselves back, while having someone who believes in the possibility of your greatest self.


As an expert, I will draw on over 20 years of experience and education to know when to push you forward or pull you back to reflect. My work is designed to guide you to find your purpose and create meaning in your life and work. 


Sometimes it is hard to see solutions when we are too close to an issue. Based on the core belief that you are fully capable and hold the answers, I will lead you toward those “knowing” aspects of yourself which will provide the strength and resources to transform both your inner and outer worlds.


Helping you clarify your vision and then your priorities will allow you to organize your time efficiently. When we are struggling to get out of a rut, our thoughts tend to be repetitive. Coaching provides a space to explore alternatives to your situation that you may not have considered. 


Each of us is unique. And each of us has our own story and experiences that have shaped our views on roles, expectations, acceptable behaviour etc. Sometimes, we outgrow and are ready to shed our beliefs allowing us to transform into a new version of ourselves. This – letting go and letting in – is a unique process that we will partner in together. 

Let Me Help You Be Fulfilled

When you are looking for a coach, you want someone qualified and with experience helping you with important life decisions! As an Author, Certified Life and Career Coach with a Masters Degree in Rehabilitation Counselling, Bachelors Degree in Sociology, Diploma in Social Services and Certificates in Human Resources, Counselling, Creative Writing and a current student of Thanatology and Mindfulness Teacher Training, I will draw on accumulated knowledge and wisdom to customize a strategy with you to help with whatever you are facing in your life.


“Kelly has guided and helped me realize my true potential and capabilities through her coaching. “

“Working with Kelly has the warmth of connecting with a dear friend and the trust of knowing you are in the hands of a professional.

My life will never be the same and I owe Kelly a special thanks of gratitude for that!”

“Kelly is kind, honest and very inspiring… I have since created a business that I love and that is aligned with my soul’s purpose. “

“I think it was the first time in my life I began making career choices for JOY

“I have found that Kelly’s deep, thoughtful listening and helpful “action” tips often lead to new solutions to obstacles or anxieties that I face  “

Develop Confidence. Restore Peace & Hope.

 In my early career, I trained in the work of Dr. William Glasser Reality Therapy and Choice Theory. RTCT concludes that, in the end we are only able to control our behaviour. He provided accessible strategies to implement, bringing us closer to the vision we have and to those people we value in our lives. One foundational practice is to clarify the images in your “Quality World”.

Ten years later it was my vision board of my “Quality World” which guided me toward the life I have now!

When our reality does not match our desire there is a gap. It is in the gap where we are able to gain insight and identify opportunity to change our livesEach of us is equipped with inner wisdom, strengths and resilience. The focus of my work is to reconnect you with this power.

When you are struggling,

fulfillment seems impossible. 

Let me help you find hope again,

Connect with me!