We have endured much this year. We feel vulnerable, tired.

The Embrace your Life community is composed of mostly women and I am sure you can identify that we often carry a lot this time of year. We place pressure on ourselves to create a beautiful, memorable experience for our family and friends and take the opportunity to really show them how much we care.

We love to see our loved ones happy!

But this year we aren’t able to be with our loved ones. While we don’t have to put on the big dinners and plan the extravagant gatherings, the emotions are swirling.

We are being asked to remain at home. 

No home is the same. Some homes are supportive and loving and some are strained and challenged. And some fall in between. 

Home is connected to Relationships.

And if you live alone, the relationship in your home is with yourself.

If your emotions are swirling and you feel consumed with stress, give yourself permission to stop and tend to your most important relationship – the one with yourself.

Do what you need to do to get grounded and clear.

Take time off. Set an intention to be gentle in your thoughts. Restrict intense media, movies, music and instead be mindful to flood your environment with sensual soothing sounds, smells and flavours.

Carve out uninterrupted time to rest and recover. Assertively communicate with the people in your home that this is what is needed right now. 

Let the simplicity of wrapping yourself in a soft blanket and observe the twinkling of your lit tree, be enough to fill you up. 

Avoid the fight in your head with what isn’t and embrace what is. (Yes, we are talking about letting go of control…the greatest challenge of all.)

To get grounded you have to get out of your head and into your body and listen to what it needs. Basic survival – food, shelter, sleep, rest. 

Get back to the moment. 

Let your environment soothe you -. Here’s another tip!

Download our  Cluttered to Clear workbook to help you do just that! 

If you are struggling to see the light through the darkness, I offer you the ingredients to embrace change and additional links for support.  

And THEN… after you have intentionally shifted your focus and nurtured the relationship with yourself, you will have enough to share (in person or virtually) with your loved ones. All while giving them a gift of showing them how to nurture themselves.

Wishing you peace, love & health during this holiday season.

May you be filled up with the goodness that exists and with hopes for all that is possible!

With love!