“When there is love things flow.”
~ Margarita Rodriguez President of the FOCO FOUNDATION

How true is this statement!! Please read on…

I have been a volunteer at a school named Cafe con Leche here in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic for over a year and am regularly inspired by all of the children, volunteers, teachers, parents and especially the endless energy of the Director of the school, named Marisol, who started the whole program in 1990.

Despite the several challenges that exist, there is so much love, joy and hope bubbling in this little school; I am commited to increasing the learning and growth opportunities for these children and spend a lot of time thinking of more ways that I can help.

So, I began chatting with the foundation’s Director, Margarita Rodriguez about how to generate more donations flowing to the school but was running into some road blocks about collecting donations from abroad and government issuing about receipts and administrative and legal issues… ugh!

Then last week, I received an email from Margarita saying – “When there is love things flow” and then all of a sudden I realized that the FOCO Foundation needs a website! And I can promote it and all of their amazing projects, helping to raise awareness and to increase international donations – all by using my new skills in social networking and article writing!! Who knew!

So late Friday afternoon, I put this out to the universe ( in the way of Twitter and Facebook ) and within 2 hours – I had three website developers interested in the project!!

The Law of Attraction at work! All is possible when you are operating out of a place of love! Stay tuned for more details!

Embrace Your Life!!

Kelly McIntyre M.Sc.Life/Career Coach