I am writing this at 7:30 am. Pretty much every day by this time, I have had my breakfast (for those interested, it is a delicious little tomato and cheese sandwich 🙂 ) and have read a few pages of an inspirational book that sits on the table by my favourite chair. I eat and read as I look out at the ocean. Then, I turn on the computer and sip my coffee while I get my head sorted about what I want and need to do that day. This is when I am most alert and my mind is least cluttered; when the events of the day aren´t making noise in my head.. this is when I write. I love writing in the morning.

It is also when I visualize and plan for the future. I see and feel the benefit in my life of taking these few minutes each day to get in touch with myself; it really makes such a difference.

All of my friends and family know that by 9:30pm, I can fall asleep anywhere. I am always a little in awe of how some people can stay up till after midnight and can be functional the next day by 8 am. My clock is different. So when is it that you are most clear? Maybe in the afternoon, say 3 or 4? or at night at 10 or 11? Whenever it is, sit quietly for a few minutes and form a picture of a dream or goal in your head, an image of what you want and imagine having it, feel how it feels to have it and then quickly write it out. Pay attention to when you are most clear during the day and take a few moments to centre and visualize for your future. You too will see the benefits!