Have you ever gone from being in a great mood one moment to a really bad mood in the next? You go from the kind of great mood where the sun is shining, feeling completely relaxed, humming happily, smiling at strangers kind of mood to being in a rotten, hateful, angry, leave-me-alone kind of mood – all in a matter of minutes?

How does this happen? Do you blame the event or person that triggered the change in your mood? Or do you examine the change in your internal thought pattern and question your own response to a situation?

Before you respond to a situation there is a moment when it is possible to observe a subtle shift or an abrupt change in your thought pattern. By becoming observant of your thoughts, you realize that your thoughts are separate from the deeper “you” (the one who is observing) and that you have a choice when responding in situations. You have a choice to choose your thought, your response to situations and how you relate in the world. Knowing this brings power, freedom and self awareness!

I have studied and applied the concepts of Choice Theory and Reality Therapy in my life and professional relationships for over 12 years. You can contact me or check out this link if you interested in more information. http://wglasser.com/index.php