Since getting the weekly call for content from Yumi from, my thoughts have been consumed with the topic: Tips on how to feel sexy!

Like yours, my mind immediately went to celebrities. I thought about all of the men and women in the media and pondered – are they sexy? Many are undoubtedly beautiful, stylish and trendy but in my eyes sexiness is different.

I regularly stopped, mouth gaping open at the sexy people I saw walking down the street in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. These people and others in my real life are sexy because of sparkle and walked like they were listening to music – all the time! These are some other elements I came up with:

  • Sexiness is a general body consciousness, an awareness and acceptance of yourself.
  • Sexiness is about having confidence and knowing what you want and what you like.
  • Sexiness is being playful in how you live and what you say; it is less about being serious, rigid and right and more about exploration, expanding, lightness and fun.
  • Sexy people are great listeners; they have nothing to prove so they often are engaged, interested and captivated by other people and things.
  • Sexy people smile and laugh a lot, drawing people in with their positive energy.

Sexiness has so little to do with sex, although if they have all of the above qualities, chances are… 🙂 But sexiness is more about confidence! So…How to feel sexy and feel more confident?

  • Know what you like and think!
  • Love and accept your body!
  • Do more of what you like and that which makes you happy!
  • Lighten up, smile and laugh – a lot!

Enjoy & Embrace Your Life!

Kelly McIntyre
Life/Career Coach