Someone recently asked me about how to get started volunteering with children, this is my response:

“I am a huge advocate of writing things down! So that would be the first place I would start is to grab a notebook and pen.

Clarify and create an intention:

  • Ask yourself what do I want to achieve by helping children?
  • What am I passionate about?
  • What type of children’s programs have I been interested in the past?
  • When I read stories in the paper – what topics touch my heart?
  • Close your eyes and imagine yourself helping children – what are you doing? Describe what you are doing and the way it feels helping…

Research! Look up and begin researching existing programs that are consistent with your vision. Visit their websites and determine which ones are interesting or a good fit for you, consider volunteering.

Register with the Volunteer action centres in your city – these are matching services to help you get connected with not for profit organizations.

Good Luck! and Congratulations – volunteering can be a wonderful rich experience!!”