I am a featured writer for Intent.com, it is an “online community that provides the best content to create your aspirations”. The project was created by Deepak Chopra’s daughter Mallika and this week they asked our group to write about tips on saving money.

I have a lot of ideas to share on this topic and you guessed it, they are heavily inspired by living in the DR. I see people every day living on very little, so I thought and thought, and found a commonality… SLOW DOWN!!

On general terms, the pace in North America is fast! We often overspend and overeat! We rush around to meetings, appointments and lessons leaving little time to plan, let alone digest our meals. We slurp and gulp things and wonder why we have indigestion, feel stressed and experience trouble sleeping. We choose the fastest foods to cook, often from a box because we have to move on quickly to the next event.

How much money do you spend at the grocery store in a month?

How much food do you throw out at the end of each week? Or after each meal?

Save money by ~

  • Slowing down and taking time to plan your meals. Find your favourite recipes, create a list and don’t buy what isn’t on your list.
  • When eating, slow down and eat only what you need – avoid stuffing yourself. Eat mindfully. Taste and enjoy your food. Think quality not quantity.
  • Eat leftovers and if you don’t like leftovers -adjust how much you buy, avoiding throwing food out at the end of the week or after meals.

I remember being at a colmado [a small convenience store selling fresh vegetables, fruit, meat, beer and everything else including batteries, diapers and tools 🙂 ] when this little boy asked for 20 pesos worth of olive oil – the man poured a specific and small amount into a bag and the boy carefully walked away with it. I thought about how specific the amount was and how necessary oil is in cooking and how little we need to make a meal. We are so used to having an abundance of food – we do not feel threatened by a potential lack of food. We have bottles and varieties of oil in our pantries. We are so fortunate!

So if you are looking for ways to save money and live well ~ slow down, nourish your soul by nourishing your body by eating wholesome food slowly and only what you need, be graceful and mindful.

Enjoy your day and ~ Embrace Your Life!

Kelly McIntyre M.Sc.
Life/Career Coach

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