A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to go on a girls weekend with my close friends to a resort for a couple of days. It was a relaxing and luxurious experience, a far cry from how we all live in the city of Santo Domingo, DR. We bonded as we indulged in the amenities, from drinks to massages. In those three days, we relinquished our sensible levelheaded methods of living in a different country and engaged in meaningful life discussions usually followed by lively and hysterical fits of laughter!

I was floating in the clear blue water, chatting easily with my friend, when I had an epiphany! While looking at the clouds slide across the sky – everything seemed to align. I realized that everything that I had asked for and visualized on having one year ealier, is now my reality! I asked for one full year off of work to write and develop my own business, to live in the sun, go dancing and have interesting people and experiences fill my life. In that moment, in the water, giggles bubbled up and I was full of gratitude because everything I had asked for and believed in, I received! It is really true, you can create a life you love!