Enjoy yourself! When we approach life with lightness and have fun during the day, we are more likely to be in the flow and as a result sleep deeply. When we struggle against the flow, we are less likely to be anxious and worry about situations at night while we try to sleep. Not fun.

Be authentic and follow your intuition! Listen to your body, don’t try to be different than what you are. If you feel the need to push yourself physically or mentally – go for it! If you feel the need to nurture yourself and rest – do that! Trust yourself and listen to your body, you have all of the answers. When you do listen, good sleep awaits.

Unload your thoughts. Before bed, create a ritual of writing and release all of your thoughts and concerns. Let go of the burden you carried during the day in your journal. If you tend to wake up throughout the night with ideas or dreams, keep a note pad beside your bed so you can quickly record them so your brain doesn’t cycle them over.

Meditate. If you can’t seem to stop the thoughts in order to go to sleep, imagine all of your thoughts collecting in a giant bag and imagine the heavy bags with all of your burdens and anxieties being carried off away from you. Play with this concept, finding one that suits you best. I personally, like to imagine standing in front of the ocean and having the wind sweeping the thoughts away and the sun shining brightly on me. Do whatever works!

Be grateful. Instead of replaying all of the things that didn’t go your way throughout the day, reflect on the day seeing all of the good things that happened. I am often in awe of how effective this is at creating good sleeping experiences along with good awake experiences!

Enjoy the day and have sweet dreams tonight!

Embrace your life!

Kelly MacLellan M.Sc.
Life Coach