What does this exactly mean – to pay attention?

My teachers used to say it to me all of the time, “Kelly, pay attention, this is important!” I would smarten up, get focused and listen but then my mind would quickly wander off until I was reprimanded again, and then again…

So, what happens when you don´t pay attention? Well, you miss out on what is actually happening in your life, which is to say the least, kind of important. But yet our minds wander.. As adults we don´t have teachers always there reminding us to pay attention, so we have to find ways to do it ourselves.

One way that I remind myself to pay attention in my life is to say the word “Namaste“, which means the soul in me sees the soul in you. I try to say it in my head with every person I see or interact with throughout the day.

Try this: the next time you are at the grocery store, completely frustrated because you are late and waiting in this crazy long line, when you finally reach the cashier, say “Namaste” or something similar in your mind to remind you to pay attention then look into the person´s eyes. You will likely smile naturally (not strangely). Take a moment and really feel how good it is to see someone else, then try it with your friend, your partner, your colleague, your mother. The side effect is that they will also begin to see you.

So be your own teacher, use “Namaste” or a find another phrase that works for you and use it to remind yourself to “Pay attention, smarten up, this life is important!”