“What we see depends mainly on what we look for.” —John Lubbock

Yes, it is true, I lost it! It doesn’t happen very often but it happened on Saturday evening – BIG TIME!

I was invited to speak about a new project that I am involved in called the Optimum Health Club. I was all prepared and set to call in using Skype, then suddenly my internet connection dropped! I no longer had access to Skype or the phone number to the radio show should I decide to make the extremely expensive long distance call.

I rebooted my computer, began frantically plugging and unplugging cables, clicking buttons here and there hoping that somehow I clicked something incorrectly. Then I prayed, cursed and cried!

With about 20 minutes before the call, I sat there staring hatefully at my computer, overcome and paralyzed with anger and defeat.

I thought about my options and knew I could use the lawyer’s office downstairs and it would likely turn out fine. Even if I didn’t make the call, the world would not end. My connection has been dropped before, and this is usually how I handled it. This time though I was angry because I had to deal with this problem yet again. It felt like I was being tested!

While most of the county has been without power and running water for the last month, I sat there incapacitated about my lost internet connection!

But really when was the last time you were without an internet connection? Yes I know, likely never. In Canada and the United States we rarely face inconveniences such as the loss of energy or running water or heaven forbid lost internet connections! 🙂

I know of families here in the city, who are currently without power and running water now for the last three to four days! Can you imagine your family trying to get ready for school, do their homework, clean dishes or cook dinner without energy or running water?

After I finished my radio debut from the office downstairs, I thought about those families and what they would say about my situation, then I broke out in laughter at my ridiculous response. My anger melted as I reflected on the experience and gained perspective. What felt so important and intense in that moment passed. I was fine. My world was fine.

“When you look at yourself from a universal standpoint, something inside always reminds or informs you that there are bigger and better things to worry about.” –Albert Einstein

Wishing you peace and perspective today,