Living in the Dominican Republic, I have learned to get used to all of the the little visitors that often come in the night. I try to avoid thinking about them but I regularly see evidence of their visits the morning after and regularly, I cringe.

I am a little (okay a lot) addicted to the coffee here and so as I do every morning, yesterday I leaned sleepily against the kitchen island and waiting for it to percolate. While I waited, I looked out through the massive windows to the ocean and felt grateful for the spectacular view. But I was quickly interrupted as something moved below me. I saw a large particle moving steadily across the counter. Closer inspection revealed that the particle was a piece of bread and underneath was this mighty little creature – an ant!

We all have days when getting out of bed and heading off to work is not always the dream that we intended for our lives. There are days when we question or doubt the direction we are going in. Sometimes we feel that we carry a huge weight on our shoulders and are overcome with fear for our future. We ask ourselves:

* Is this really what I want?
* How did I get here?
* Who am I really?

With my eyes level to the counter, I became mesmerized at that little ant’s strength and determination as he carried such a heavy load. I found myself cheering him on. I even said aloud a couple of times – Go! Go! Go! C’mon, you can do it! I admit if anyone were to have witnessed me, they might have questioned my sanity 🙂

But, I wanted him to do it. I wanted him to succeed – just like I want myself to succeed and my clients. That ant didn’t know what was ahead, he didn’t ask questions or doubt his purpose or direction in life. He was focused on carrying the bread.

And then an amazing thing happened, right before he reached the steep decline from the counter to the floor a few more ants appeared and together they carried the heavy load of the bread. I don’t know what happened next because my coffee was steaming.

Later, as I settled into my rocking chair near the open window and sipped my delicious coffee, I thought about how we all, at different times in our lives, carry such heavy loads. We think we have to do it all on our own. We travel with strength, determination and perserverance toward a vision for our future but sometimes we become fearful of what lies ahead.

I am reminded again and again by stories and from lessons in nature that we never operate alone. And just when you are ready to give up how all of the sudden the resources and people appear to help us on our journey!

Best wishes to you today!