Typically, we are very focused in the future. We think about what we want, our dream job, the ideal mate, the perfect holiday. But how do we get what we want? How does something move from the space of a dream to reality?

Some people are firm. They focus, persevere, put there head down, work hard and push through obstacles to get what they want. Other people flow. They have an idea of what they want, keep their eye on the end result but let themselves go with the natural fluidity of the journey, embracing all the unexpected surprises along the way.And some people move between firm and flow.

Last night, I had a fantastic conversation about realizing your goals and dreams by using the analogy of a river to describe the journey. Imagine that you are being swept along by a river, you know that swimming against the current is difficult and tiring so you must trust the flow of the water. The river may get wide or narrow leading you in different directions. It may trickle softly in some places, and it may have rapids that are wild and dangerous. Yet, the river moves in one direction and eventually opens up to a large body of water full of newness.

When people respond firmly in their approach, it is when they are swimming against the current. But eventually they get tired and surrender to the natural flow, we realize we can’t do it all on our own. When we keep our head down and focus firmly on the end result we miss the peace of the trickling river or the adventure of swirling in the unpredictable rapids. We miss the unexpected. So what are you doing today? Are you swimming against the current or flowing down a river embracing the unexpected?Take this poll to give you a clue…