It is Wednesday morning, mid-week with nearly three full working days until the weekend and you are immersed in your work, head down and getting through the tasks of the morning. Ever stop and wonder what am I doing all of this for? Who is benefiting from this? What once brought you vibrant energy now depletes you. At the end of the day, you make your way home wondering, whose life is this anyway? How did I get here? Ugh!

Well, you are not alone – there are many varying statistics in the US, Canada, UK and Australia attesting to people´s dissatisfaction at work. But there is hope, there are strategies you can implement today to improve this situation. By using my Career/Life Coaching service, you can not only get yourself out of this situation and fast but also get the support, encouragement and ideas it takes to move in a new direction that is more consistent with your dream life!

Just a little exercise: take one minute and jot down as many activities that bring joy, peace, bliss into your life – when you are finished, review this list and identify when was the last time you did any of these things. That is OK, be gentle with yourself, avoid judging! The first step in making change is gaining awareness. Now make a plan for yourself about when you can engage in these activities over the next week. Check in with yourself at the end of this week for progress.

As your coach, you would be assigned exercises similar to this (depending on your personal goal) and then report your progress weekly. Think about how motivating it would be to have someone on your side, brainstorming and cheering you on. So if there is a goal that you have held onto for a long time and you are tired of just talking about it and ready to take action, let´s get started today – this is your life and it is time to get back that vibrant energy you once had!