Do you ever just ask – Why?

I blamed it on being a Monday morning because yesterday, I felt a little sluggish and uninspired when I sat down to work.

It was excruciating as I reviewed my list for the day, yet I mindlessly surfed the internet, made another cup of coffee and stared out of the window for a lot longer than I want to admit. Can anyone identify?

Sometimes the work we normally enjoy and are passionate about becomes heavy and burdensome but this is less about the work than it is about our attitude.

When we feel good, our lives feel good. We approach life lightly. This approach is very different than when we feel badly and whichever attitude we hold colours the rest of our lives.

Sometimes when you are sitting there facing your work and all you think of is, why? Why am I doing this etc. etc. It is hard to see the connection between the day to day tasks in your job with the overall goal or vision you have for your life or career. So in moments like these, ask yourself:

  • What is my purpose in life? What is it that I want to say in the world? and
  • How does my current job or present behaviour fit with this larger ideal picture?

After I considered these two questions for a long time (still while staring out the window), I was able to return to my work. Slowly my energy returned and although I wouldn’t describe myself as chipper or keen, I regained my direction and ticked off the tasks on my list one by one and left my work feeling positive.

So when you lose your motivation or your centredness, ask yourself those two questions and try to connect your present behaviour with your ideal picture and hopefully 🙂 eventually, it will make sense again.

Follow Your Heart!

With love, Kelly