“Beginning is easy – continuing hard”  ~ Japanese Proverb
It can be very exciting when we decide to change our lives. We feel an adrenaline rush as we dream and consider all of the possibilities! Our mind freely imagines all of the wonderful events that will transpire – it can be a euphoric feeling.
However, when these results don’t happen the way or as fast as we expect them to, we become impatient, angry or restless and often give up. Old behaviours begin to creep in based on old uncomfortable and condemning beliefs that take over and we berate ourselves for even setting out on the journey. Our dreams seem out of reach, yet again. We are left deflated and tired.
During these low times, surrender.
Surrender to God, the universal energy. Say, “this is too big for me to carry. Please take over. I release it to you. I trust you. I have faith in your plan for my life.”
Sometimes, we think we need to work out all of the details. Sometimes, we think we need to plan, plan, plan or else all will fall apart. This is not true.
Return to what urged you to follow your heart and dreams in the first place. That dream is your gift, intended only for you.

Ask yourself, what was your initial purpose? What was your vision? Quietly return to this intention, clarify it into one statement and focus on this statement by writing it out in your journal, reading it frequently to yourself.

Your job: Focus only on what you want and not on how it will come about, surrender the how to God.
All will be well again.
Kelly MacLellan M.Sc.
*Please feel free to email your feedback, questions, ideas to me directly at: kelly@embraceyourlife.ca