Hi! To all of those people who feel alone on a Sunday night and find yourself in solitude wondering where the people are in your life, this message is for you.

I feel compelled to put out a quick message to let you know you aren’t alone. Even when we think we are alone, we really aren’t. People are thinking about us. It is true.

I am sitting here with my puppy listening to quiet music, it is about 8 pm and I am feeling ok but I admit I am a little lonely. Earlier, my lovely aunt called to chat and said she has thought about calling several times but didn’t want to disturb me. Little did she know I wasn’t very busy… I am left to wonder how many other people are thinking about calling me…

You know how busy your life feels at times, know that others are feeling the pressure too. So in moments when you feel alone, trust that someone is thinking about you, they may be too busy or just want to give you some space. If you want it, open yourself up and invite them over or call them first. Don’t wait for them! Or if the solitude is what you need, recognize that and induldge in it – but remember you aren’t alone!

Best, Kelly