I have always been interested in the topics of self-development and self-awareness. My entire education and experience has been dedicated to learning and sharing the power that comes with making mindful choices and creating a life you love.

When I look back now, I see that my identity was closely tied with my academic achievements and social status symbols. Somehow to me they illustrated my worth to the world; they validated me and I found comfort hiding behind them. It wasn´t until I walked away from all of those things that I identified with so strongly did I really begin to see myself and understand life. When I was without my title, my house, my possessions etc.. when I was stripped from all that “made” me important did I become more harmonious with others and nature.

It is interesting to watch myself that now when in moments of fear how quickly I regress. An intense desire for power, clothes, my tall non-fat-latte, stuff – anything to fill me up and fast overtakes me! But with my new awareness, I watch the moment pass and eventually I regain balance. It is hard sometimes, I do love shoes 🙂 but I know that the high from buying stuff doesn´t make you feel high for long.

Being a Career/Life Coach is my way of sharing my passion and giving thanks to the world. It is my way of helping others and myself continue to create a life that is based on truth. It is my goal that when one person lives more authentically they will inspire and be an example to another person and so on. Today when I see my reflection and where I am now in my life, I recognize more of who I am and my purpose! I don´t hide behind my roles and my stuff.. when I buy stuff now, I know it doesn´t make me better or more important, they are just shoes!