Yes, this is the message “Don’t Give Up!” that I keep hearing when I am paying attention to the people and messages that continue to come into my life these days.

It is funny that when you find yourself questioning things, like “How did I get here?” and “Am I going in the right direction?” The answer sometimes come to you in weird ways…

I am not overly religious but I am spiritual and on Sunday morning I was admittedly feeling a little doubtful of my path and where I was going. My life would be a lot easier if I didn’t have all of this passion and these ideas. So I sat there in doubt facing the fact that maybe I need to do things differently.

Over the years on Sunday mornings, my parents have regularly tuned into the Joel Osteen program. When I am home visiting I confess I don’t listen too closely but facing what I was facing I decided to sit down and follow this instinct to tune in to the program.

And do you know what his message was?

“You are closer than you think!”

Just writing this now – I am getting goosebumps! I proceeded to cry tears of gratitude as I wrote down his words that spoke deeply to me.

So to those of you who are questioning your direction and are ready to give up on something that you believe and desire in your life – consider that you may be closer than you think!

Follow your heart & it will lead you closer to your dream!!

Since receiving that message (believe it or not), I have made some contacts that are aligned with my mission and people have openly shared with me their enthusiasm and interest about my passion and intentions.

So, I have decided not to give up – I am going to continue down this path with faith, trust, hope and patience. Trust Yourself!

Kelly McIntyre M.Sc.