“The way to choose happiness is to follow what is right and real and the truth for you. You can never be happy living someone else’s dream. Live your own. And you will for sure know the meaning of happiness.” — Oprah Winfrey

Do you ever wonder to yourself… How did I get here? and How do I get out?

We all have reasons to stay where we are and continue to do what we always do, even if we aren’t happy. But how is this effecting you and those around you? I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the past but I have been thinking about how sad I once was and how it came to be that I am now happy and living in the Dominican Republic.

Really, how did I get here?

It is so different than the sleepy little village in SW Ontario, Canada that I used to live in. How did this happen?

In January of 2005, I had a miscarriage and while I frantically tried to recover from this loss, it seemed like everyone around me was pregnant and reminding me of what I didn’t have. I was drowning. It was also during this time, that the long-time issues in my relationship surfaced. I struggled with a choice that I wasn’t ready to make.

It was also during this time, that I was my heaviest and least healthy. I regularly consumed large amounts of food and red wine. And speaking of consumption, my big 4 bedroom house was full of stuff! Athough I had “everything” materially that I could ever want, I was empty inside. I was desperately searching for answers, change and meaning.

I needed a break from life! And fast!

I tell you all of this, because I want to emphasize that even when things seem grim there is always hope. And the way to get out of your “grim” situation is to realize that the search for meaning and answers is not an external search but rather an internal one.

So how did I get here? A few key things happened that launched me on this new path, some are personal but essentially, I refused to live my life in sadness for one day longer.
I created a picture of my ideal life and the ideal me. I visualized living this way every day.
I made a commitment to myself to try to live in truth. My truth.
In the months that followed, everything changed!

I wanted to volunteer and found myself at a school at the top of a mountain, surrounded by beautiful, loving children in the sunny Caribbean! I asked for one year to write and share my passion and I am still here doing just that. I asked for a life that is passionate and interesting, and it is definitely that! All, so different than the way I lived before.
Regularly, I get emails of gratitude from people, telling me that my writing inspires them. I find it amazing that by choosing happiness and trying to live my own truth, it is inspiring other people to live theirs!

So when you decide that enough is enough, choosing happiness will not only impact your relationships, your career and your health but will inspire other people, including your family and friends to change theirs! So, let go and imagine that you have all that you have ever wanted…

What will your story be?

Wishing you the best today!

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With love, Kelly