For those who have read my blog or been on my website, you know that I have been living in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic for nearly a year now. It has been a wild ride, full of excitement!!! Normally I would write from my apartment but since my neighbourhood has been without water and power for nearly 24 hours, I am writing from an internet cafe. Whenever this happens I am abruptly reminded that I am living in a developing country.

As I pour the cold water over me using a bucket and a measuring cup, I remember the things we take for granted at home in Canada, like clean water that flows regularly from our taps. And when I get irritated because of the heat and dirt, I am also reminded of the fact that many people here do not ever have water or power – ever!

As I left my apartment this morning I met many familiar eyes and received unusually more greetings on the street. I noticed that all of us looked a little dirtier than yesterday and then realized that these “interruptions in basic services” bonded this small neighbourhood. And while I am still not happy about bathing from a bucket, I am thankful to be more apart of this community.