“There is not enough darkness in all the world to put out the light of even one small candle” –Robert Alden

I attend a Catholic church most Sundays. I am not Catholic and I often don’t understand all that is going on because the mass is in Spanish. Yet, I still go and sit quietly in this grand, intricately designed church built in the 1500s and feel a strong sense of history, community and peace.

There is something so powerful of participating in formal rituals collectively: sitting united in silence, prayer or song. One of my favourite times all week is during mass when we greet all those around us and say “Peace be with you”. Without fail, tears spring to my eyes and I always return to my seat with intense feelings of connection, peace and lightness.

The same thing happens emotionally to me at the end of a yoga class. The teacher greets each student looking at them in the eye and says “Namaste”, which loosely means the soul in me sees the soul in you. Again, I feel an immediate shift towards connection, peace and lightness.
It also happens to me during roars of applause when I look around the room and see the glow in people’s eyes. I practically float out of the room afterwards.

Can you identify with my experiences? Do you have moments of joy, bliss and intense connection with others? Do you have times when you feel peace and lightness? When and what are you doing?

Two days ago, I stood in a crowd of people, captivated by the talent of a street artist. We watched as he painted this beautiful landscape easily right there on the dirty busy street. His clothes were old, his shoes were tattered but his face was radiant and his eyes were clear. He then began chatting up the crowd, sharing stories that were entertaining and then concluded randomly that, “You cannot hide light!”

So with that being said, consider now whether there is there something stirring inside of you that is ready to be revealed or explored. Is there lightness inside of you that is yearning to be expressed in your life – through your work, your relationships, your body?

Imagine if we all let go and let our light shine. Wow, that would be amazing!

Follow Your Heart!

With love,