How do you keep your sense of health & wellness when you are out of your routine, spending more money than normal and being tempted with sweets, decadent foods and wine?

By giving in and accept it! What am I saying? Yes, indulge!

This doesn’t have to be a time of holding back and counting calories – indulge and let go of the guilt. Guilt can be more harmful than being rigid and critical with yourself; so enjoy and have fun! You might be thinking, yikes, I might gain the pounds if I give in all the time!

My message: Indulge in food and drink but keep the bar high! Sample small amounts and take only a slice of the best!

Indulgence can also mean spending decadent amounts of time with your family and friends – indulge in letting the chores go, indulge in longer bubble baths, indulge in long walks outside alone or with your dog and whatever you want to do with your time! Imagine!
Wishing you wellness and peace ~ Have fun and enjoy yourself!

With love,