What do you love most about being on holiday?

Do you love the change in routine? The time to relax and be with your family or the time to pursue your favourite hobby or try something new? Whatever it is, this is a clue to identifying your bliss!

Imagine being on holiday now, your mind quiets, you laugh more, you explore, you sleep deeper, life becomes an adventure and full of possibilities! A part of us wants this feeling to last forever and it can! It is possible!

The process starts with carving out a sacred time for yourself to get quiet and listen.

Imagine this scenario: early Sunday morning, you rise and join like-minded women for a silent peaceful walk in nature, followed by heart opening yoga and meditation. You eat a carefully chosen delicious, healthy meal out on the veranda before participating in self-discovery activities created with the intention to identify your heart’s desires. You leave the group restored, rejuvenated and with the tools to continue the journey of creating and following your bliss!

It sounds wonderful doesn’t it?

If you are in the Toronto area and want to get away and retreat for a day – check out the Follow Your Bliss! Yoga and Meditation Urban Retreat for the Heart and Soul coming up on July 19! There are only 4 spots left!

Please feel free to contact me for more details! It is going to be an amazing experience!

And for those of you aren’t in the area or can’t make it – read this activity and let me know about your experience!

Enjoy the day & Embrace Your Life!

Kelly McIntyre M.Sc.
Life/Career Coach

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