I am blessed to have a wonderful mother. My Mom is a Reflexologist, so over the last 11 years or so, I have been fortunate to get great treatment at a great price! But more important to getting free reflexology treatments, she has taught me the importance of creating a special space in your home where you can retreat and surround yourself with beauty.


The area where she works is energetically clear and soothing. Crystals surround a bubbling water fountain and others hang as pendants. Angel figurines and art envelope you as you sit safely in the cushy treatment chair. Her extensive spiritual library, inspirational cards and essential oils are all in this space as well. There is so much to look at but all is pleasing to the eye.


My own retreat space has two colourful vision boards and pictures of my family and other close loved ones. I buy myself flowers regularly celebrating their beauty every day and not waiting for someone to buy them for me.


I have also started my own collection of crystals and my own library of books is growing regularly during my life journey as well. I also have candles and soft blankets and pillows and writing journals and meditational cds too… I spend a lot of time there.
Surround yourself with things that lift, inspire and energize you while simultaneously restoring hope, faith and peace. Enjoy!!


Embrace Your Life!