5 Strategies to Reimagine Your Life & Restore Hope

Losing someone or something important in your life can be one of the most challenging and life-altering events you may face. It can profoundly affect your career, personal life, physical health, mental well-being, and spiritual connection.

Coping with a loss is never easy, but with the right guidance and support, it is possible to find your way through and emerge stronger on the other side. Here are some essential tips on how to find your way through life-altering loss:

1. Allow Yourself to Feel

When you are grieving, it is normal to experience a wide range of emotions. There is a misconception that when you are grieving, you only experience heavier emotions; that is untrue. You can laugh, be amused and then, at the moment next, feel great sadness.  Remember, there is no one right way to grieve. You are practicing being non-judgmental toward yourself and giving yourself space and time to be in what is in that moment.

When our feelings are swirling or bubbling, expressing them can be a real blessing in our healing process. The energetic shift in your body is an actual release of chemicals felt in your nervous system.

Our body is always working to protect us and return to homeostasis. Trust yourself and allow the natural processes to happen. 

Loss can threaten our sense of safety and security in the world. When this happens, the way we see life has been disrupted. We are processing so much information consciously and subconsciously. If we don’t stop to feel, the emotions can become buried and manifest in real health concerns later.

Allowing yourself to feel the pain and sadness that comes with losing attachment to someone, something is essential. Create safe times in your day where you can privately explore your emotions.

You are human, and grief is a part of the human experience. Know that your strength will come from your vulnerability in feeling your feelings.

2. Seek Support

A support system is crucial during this difficult time as you process the loss. Many cultures worldwide emphasize that processing grief is best done in a community. Rituals are part of the healing journey, where people come together to honour the loss publicly and support the grieving person. Grief is shared, not hidden. Adapting to the cycles of life and death can be taxing when done in isolation.

We have all grieved. Open your mind to realize this truth.

Anyone who has loved or dreamed or even laughed in a joyous moment has grieved the loss of that experience. I caution you to realize that while people want to support you, not everyone is skilled at listening. If you reach out to someone, one strategy is to preface the conversation by telling them they don’t have to say anything, that you need to talk out your thoughts, or that you need a hug or to go on a quiet walk together. Helping them know what you need will teach them how to support you and reduce the chance of withdrawing because you feel they didn’t hear you.

Change is inevitable. We will all be impacted by the loss of changing circumstances, people, and abilities. There is evidence supporting how our connections are the source of happiness, so please keep trying to reach out to family, friends, or professionals like myself, who can provide the guidance and support you need to navigate your loss. You don’t have to go through this alone.

3. Take Care of Your Physical Health

Loss can affect your physical health, so taking care of your body is essential even though you may not want to leave your bed or get off your couch. Symptoms of grief that people often do not realize involve changes in concentration, the ability to organize time and process information, periods of interrupted sleep, and much more.

The expectations around activities of daily living, such as working, caring for family, and managing household responsibilities, will likely need to be adjusted. When people offer to help, look for practical ways to respond, such as providing them with a grocery list, the route for walking the dog, picking the kids up from school or going with you to the bank or appointments to assist in notetaking.

Your appetite may be affected, be aware and choose, regardless, to eat well, get enough rest, and engage in physical activity. This will help you to manage stress and improve your overall well-being.

Start small and recognize every small action you took to care for yourself. Small steps taken regularly yield big results.

4. Practice Self-Care

Self-care is crucial during times of loss. Just like taking care of your physical self, consider your whole self, sit quietly and ask yourself what you need to support your mental and emotional well-being. Simplify the ways you approach self-care. Engaging in activities that bring you joy will help you relax, such as reading, listening to music, looking at the sky and spending time in nature.

Self-care also involves setting boundaries on your energy and time, which will fluctuate during grief. Try this activity, put your hand on your heart, and tune in to your rhythm; this will help invite peace into your moment and, done regularly, bring more peace into life.

Ask your heart for direction, and listening to what you need from moment to moment will help you to maintain a sense of harmony.

5. Be Open to Finding Meaning in your Loss

I am offering a disclaimer here – Each human experiences life and death and the complex journey in between differently depending on our culture, economic structures, religious beliefs and practices and more.

Not all loss will bring great philosophical shifts, enlightenment, profound insights and personal healing. In reality, some people will carry pain and grief for a long time, if not their entire lives. People may turn to spiritual beliefs to explain challenges in life and karma. We all approach life and death influenced by our culture and death systems. 

Also, there are social justice issues and inequity inherent in processing grief. Consider the workplace bereavement policies—most leave policies cover three days for losing your closest family. There needs to be more support in workplaces. Some people are blessed with more resources.

Financial resources allow some people with the ability to take time off of work or hire help to subcontract the tasks involved in maintaining work-life balance.

Some people have emotional resources, those relationships with people who are a source of love, care and involvement. Having resources available allows the person to explore their grief and dedicate themselves to healing.

And considering all of these elements, although it may be difficult, trying to find meaning in your loss can contribute to depth and richness in living life after loss.

When you witness your strength, this can be extremely empowering as you face future hardships. 

Reimagining your life after loss can be challenging when you are deep in that place. Yet, the slightest spark of hope can light a new path forward and develop a new sense of purpose.

Consider what lessons you may have learned from your grief experience and how you can use these lessons to grow and develop as a person. You cannot go back to before the loss. Grief provides each of us a moment to emerge wiser, more compassionate and more resilient.

Remember, healing takes time, and with the proper support and guidance, it is possible to learn to integrate all of life’s human experiences on this soul journey we are all on together.


If you’re struggling to find your way through life-altering loss and want to help reimagine your life and connect with who you are now, don’t hesitate to contact Kelly MacLellan, MSc Rehabilitation Counsellor, at www.embraceyourlife.ca and book a complimentary call. Her expert guidance and support can help you navigate the challenges and find a path to healing and growth.

How to Find Peace in Chaos

How to Find Peace in Chaos


I can’t think of another word that is more vital to embrace after what we have gone through in our world this last year and continue to navigate.

Wearing Masks are the Norm

I don’t know about you but the anxiety I felt for the first time, wearing a mask in public and seeing masked people driving around town, was so alarming!

There were moments in the grocery store, where my glasses would fog up and then my mask would breathe in way too close and I would try to move it away without touching it directly with my hands and I felt panic rising up in my chest. I avoided public spaces for weeks because of the fear.

Eventually I found masks that allowed me to breathe. And I absorbed the reality of how we are doing our part for public health and saw my discomfort as a small price to pay for the betterment of the whole.

Glaring Need for Food Banks

I am fortunate (and I know it and am grateful) that my work allows me to work at home. In the early summer, after gearing up to leave the house for the weekly shop, the roads and the sidewalks were virtually empty. The emptiness felt creepy.

On my way home, I turned to go into my neighbourhood, there was movement. I watched this tall woman quickly cross the road with her little baby in a stroller to get in line at the pop-up Food Bank at the local school that I didn’t notice before. Time stopped. And the reality of this picture haunted me. And then I cried. The pandemic is real. People are hungry, this is real.

Amazingly, almost right after that, our community filled a whole stadium with donated food. Heartbreakingly beautiful and simultaneously heartbreaking.

Racial Inequality and Unrest

First, I am not qualified to speak intellectually on this topic as I am still unpacking and unlearning and learning. But after the murders of unarmed black people in the US caused a global movement, I felt rage and then hope for humanity. Seeing people come together, united for justice was inspiring. I signed up for webinar after webinar and crammed my mind with education on the history of slavery and colonization and systemic racism, I felt guilt and shame of my white privilege and ignorance. And then, my dearest person was targeted with racist hate language, which brought it home, literally. It is our duty as humans to learn from the past and do better. When we stay in the dark, we are never free.

Gender Inequality, Lockdown and Mental Health

The abruptness of closing the schools revealed the gender inequality that exists and persists. The she-cession has impacted women globally and brings me to my knees in overwhelm and how to make change and help people cope with it all, in its unique and varying ways. Families are hurting. Single parents, grief, suicide prevention, depression, work life balance, emotional labour and pay inequity have been consuming my mind and my reading list.

If you have children under 14 right now with no one to care for them, how do you go to work? Many women in food and hospitality have lost their jobs and many others are in precarious situations. Women in the labour market is the lowest it has been in decades. Universal child care has been touted as a possible solution, along with equal pay and education on gender bias but we need the vaccine. 

The pressure to do it all, be it all, have it all, is proving to be impossible for many and that realization is either liberating or crushing.

Over the weekend, we began to unpack our Christmas decorations, eager to start celebrating, even if its just our immediate family this year. I lifted my favourite snowmen family from the box and squeezed them to me like a child and then I touched the area in my chest and remembered the cyst that may or may not be growing, the one the doctors are “watching” every 6 months.

And I became acutely aware of how unknown the future feels, how unreliable, unsteady, unfamiliar, unsure everything can feel … when we look at the weight and expanse of all that we are facing. It is all too big. I held my husband and daughter — rather they held me, as I cried. It’s a complicated gratitude, that we simply have each other and our health, holding the awareness that not all are as fortunate.

I feel like it is a normal occurrence right now, that I cry, my friends cry, my family, my clients. We tell each other (virtually) how much we love each other. We have been quite bold. If you are waiting to say these words in your life, now is the time!

A global pandemic, political unrest, polarization, economic instability, borders closed! This is all real, so get real with the love you have in your life and don’t waste another moment! Share it! There is little else that is as real and transforming as love.

I am used to feeling things deeply. I always have been highly sensitive, intuitive, empathetic and being this way requires boundaries and time to rest. But this year has taught me that…

We must actively strive for equality for all, to promote and live with respect and civility in our own minds, at home with our spouses, children, family, at work with our colleagues and clients and in society and demand the same from government.

Even as I write this you see when you start from the inner world, it extends out and shifts – EVERYTHING can be reduced to love ~ to learn, to choose to give and receive love. Practice.

If you feel compelled to create more meaning and change your life and align with your life purpose, practice getting really good at giving love and receiving love. 

Whether you are a taxi driver, doctor, teacher, politician — your purpose is to clear out the clutter, to perform your work mindfully (to be present) and give and receive love in the process.

Really, that is it.

So, while the bigger global pictures are bringing us to our knees, as I see I have repeated throughout this post, it is our love that will heal us and our commitment to equality for all. We are resilient — we are capable to recover after stress.

So, if this is overwhelming or confusing about what to do next — approach it like this: Whoever is in front of you, beside you, listening or talking to you, choose mindfully to love them, look into their eyes and start this healing that we need to do, every day, one ripple in the ocean each day, one interaction, one thought at a time.

We are planning some really soul nourishing workshops this month, I invite you to join, connect and find some peace. If you need assistance or guidance on how to create change and begin your journey, I also offer one-on-one coaching services at Embrace Your Life coaching. If I can be of any help to you, I would love to schedule a complimentary session to discuss your goals.

Mental Health & Processing Grief

Mental Health & Processing Grief

Good Morning! I have to be honest, I have been very moved by the loss of Kate Spade.
What about you?

She had the business success people dream of.

She created so much in her life for the world to celebrate, full of colour and influence and playfulness.
Her brand.

All while there was so much more going on inside.

It makes me think of how often we answer the question,

“How are you?” with “I’m fine.”

— when you really aren’t fine.

If you don’t have a broken bone or an illness that someone can see, it is expected you are “fine and will get over it, can’t be that bad.”

What if you are feeling opposite to what you are trying to create?

Trapped by your brand, by the vision you think you need to project… the thinking that you have to be something you aren’t.

We are complex beings!

We change. We feel. We are human.

Without being over-simplistic, a good practice is –

If you catch yourself saying I am fine when you really aren’t,
CHALLENGE yourself to expand your answer and be vulnerable telling the person exactly how you are feeling.

Authentic connection is proven to combat depression.

With lots of love, sincerely!!
Kelly  xo

How to Share Your Light When you Feel Dull

How to Share Your Light When you Feel Dull

If you are struggling with anxiety, depression or grief and are trying to run your business at the same time – take a few minutes and slow down with this gentle heart centering meditation.

Listen to this when you are having a hard time. Get quiet and wait. Let your heart guide you. What messages is it sending to you?

Get comfortable with this truth – that your heart is always speaking to you, guiding you and then follow the wisdom within.

Enjoy! With love,


End Self-Doubt and Stop Sabotaging Yourself!

End Self-Doubt and Stop Sabotaging Yourself!

When things get hard in your world, do you reminisce and wish that you could return to a more simple time? It is quite normal to cope with current challenges by wishing them away and escaping to happier times. But so often we forget that those past times weren’t so happy after all. We fantasize about the past because we feel trapped by our present and afraid for our future.

Watch for the signs – Doubt is sneaky; it masks itself by encouraging you to choose what you “should” do, to make the easier choice or the mindless choice. Doubt makes you choose against your intuition.

Doubt might start small but after several choices you wake up and realize that you have moved so far away from your dream that you have sabotaged your real efforts!

How do you know when doubt has entered your thinking?

Doubt is in control when you feel heavy, irritated, confused and anxious. Doubt is in control, when you can hear your thoughts saying, “I can’t do that.” And then you believe the justifications!

A sure way to kill a dream is to have self-doubt; it is devastating to any growth that is percolating just beneath the surface. If things aren’t happening the way you want them to or as fast as you want, you must not allow doubt to enter your mind. Instead shift your attention back to the moment and put your attention on what you want – your dream.

Sometimes, it is hard to accept but we can’t have everything we want all at once. There is a natural growth process – a seedling can’t all of a sudden become a full grown tree and support a family of birds in a nest – there is a process.

Surrender your Plan and Trust the Process

If you can’t change your situation all that is left is to accept it, and then keep practicing acceptance.

Do your best to let go of the way you think your life should be and repeat to yourself the affirmation frequently: I accept. When you let go of trying to control the situation, the struggle will dissipate and the stillness and beauty will surround you. By choosing to accept your situation you will be simultaneously choosing grace and peace, which is a beautiful environment for your dream to blossom.

Hold your dreams close to your heart and practice taking care of yourself regularly showing yourself love in every moment.

“Even within the seemingly most unacceptable and painful situation is concealed a deeper good, and within every disaster is contained the seed of grace.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

Embrace your Life! Enjoy the process and be gentle with yourself.

Much love to you,

“The Prosperity Prayer”

“The Prosperity Prayer”

Good Morning!! I believe that there are messages all around us and we can receive them if we maintain an open heart and mind. This inspirational piece passed my desk this morning as I dreamed about my future and all that is yet to come. I wanted to forward it along to you.

Here is the Prosperity Prayer as circulated on the internet…

Dear God —

I surrender my financial affairs and concerns about money to your Divine care and love.

I ask that you remove my worries, anxieties and fears about money, and replace them with faith.

I know and trust that my debts will be paid and money will flow into my life.

I have only to look to nature to see proof of the abundance you provide.

I release all negative thoughts about money, and know that prosperity is my true state.

I commit to being grateful for all that I now have in my life.

I learn to manage my finances wisely, seeking help where needed.

And finally, I ask you to help me understand my purpose in life and to act on that purpose with courage and strength. I know that prosperity will come, in part, by doing work I love. Please help me use my skills and knowledge to be of service in the world.

Thank you, God.

Wishing you peace and love today, Enjoy!