Sometimes what we get isn’t really what we want, if you are unhappy, angry, hopeless with what is in the moment here are a few quick tips to get back into the flow:

  • Accept the moment – avoid resisting or trying to change it.
  • Return to the moment by using your senses and breathing
  • Recognize the moment for exactly what it is
  • Know that this too shall pass.
  • Take a deep breath – make the connection that you are still okay.
  • Feel where it is in your body that hurts
  • Focus on this area warmly, feel what is going on in your body.
  • Stay there until the intensity subsides and let the pain go.
  • Replace analyzing and judging thoughts by repeating the words love and peace.
  • Return to your breath and observe the pain and discomfort leaving your body.

Everything is ok. You are ok.

Sending you love and peace, enjoy the day! Embrace Your Life!