To the man that would pop me up in a tree when I was little and take pictures of me.

To the same man that has inspected ALL of my apartments and houses over the years; examining the quality and potential, always making the point of showing me the fire escapes.

To the man who has stayed up at night worrying about my safety because I didn’t always listen.
To the man that knows 101 different ways to cook chicken; always getting excited about the unique flavouring each time.

To the man that has now retired and to celebrate invested in a sun hat, sporting it regularly and quite fittingly.
To the man that once “became” a tree so that a bird would land on him and didn’t budge when we were all cracking up in the window.

To the man that loves nature and our dog Chloe; together we follow him, as he leads us on tours of his colourful property.

To a man that cares about his friends and family and feels their joy and sorrow and will always lend a helping hand or ear.

My Dad is many things to many people (and birds). To me, he is a man who loves and has been a regular source of inspiration, support and remains a very big influence in my life today.
Happy Father’s Day!