Long distance love can be very difficult and deciding whether or not to continue is a challenging situation. Especially when everyone and everything seems to be against you. This was a situation that someone presented to me to receive advice for and here is my answer:

“When we are amidst the emotions it is difficult to gain clarity. I was given a great exercise to try the other day about pretending to board a helicoptor and see your situation from the air as an observer. Try it.. and see if that helps you sort some of it out..

Another way to gain clarity is to journal at least once per day for as little or as long as you want – practice being truthful with yourself.Sometimes the messages that we hear that effect us deeply are the ones that we don’t want to believe because they have touched a place of truth within us.

Each challenging situation in our journey is there for us to grow from and whatever lesson it is that is presenting itself does so to teach us something – so why do you think this is in your life? What is here that you need to learn from?

The Law of Attraction is also about being grateful for the goodness that already exists in your life and focusing on feeling good and then aligning yourself with more things that feel good. And yes, it does mean that you can only change yourself and your own energy and then the shift in energy will move outward into the world from you. So listen to your needs and what you want and if you feel good and uplifted then that is what is right for you in this moment.

I hope that this helps – a mantra I use when I feel a little emotional or struggling to gain awareness in the moment ~ peace, peace, peace until I feel peace through my body. God has a plan we sometimes we simply have to trust that all will make sense in the future looking back.”

Embrace Your Life!

Kelly McIntyre M.Sc.
Life/Career Coach