As Christmas approaches, our schedules are quickly filling up with Holiday parties and family get togethers. We search for the perfect gift, the perfect recipe and glitzty outfit to suit our festive mood. It is a time to be joyful and celebrate the goodness present in our lives!

While most people are glowing with cheer, others may not feel the bliss. Some may be separated from their families because of distance. Others may have lost loved ones this year or in the past and are feeling the loss. And others may be struggling with issues in their lives that are triggered by the holiday season, like bunking up with stress invoking family members.
2009 blessed me with a new family: a baby daughter and a loving husband. I have a lot to celebrate this year! Including Skype!


Video conferencing has kept my family connected since May. Yes, it has been many months since we have physically seen each other including my husband holding his new daughter. Our situation isn’t ideal but we are making it work and it is! We often comment that our story will make a beautiful love story for Isabella one day.

During your holiday, if the winter blues are creeping in, consider your perspective, acknowledging that you have a choice in the way you perceive a situation. Somewhere in the “darkness” of the situation, there is something to hold on to – keep looking and focus on this lightness.

So no matter if you are blissed out, stressed out or joyfully glitzed out, I wish for you some peace and awareness of your power to choose.

Much love, Kelly