Sometimes we put a lot of energy into doing what we think we should do and end up straining ourselves. There are many signs of “shoulding on ourselves” that include feelings of confusion, anger and even physical strain. We can’t do it all and be everything to everyone!Your body always lets you know when you are in the flow and when you are straining to do it all. When was the last time you listened? What is your body saying to you right now?

When we spend time responding to other people’s expectations or at least our perception of what we think other people want, we quickly lose focus of what is right and feels good authentically for us. We fall out of the flow and lose direction.

I haven’t posted to my blog lately, nor put a lot of my energy into social networking because it simply didn’t feel right. And, I just didn’t have the extra energy. What did feel right was to dedicate my energy to my husband and daughter. We were recently reunited after 11 months of being separated due to immigration issues and relied on Skype to keep us connected; now we are thrilled to be together!! I am so happy that I committed all of my energy to being fully present for this special time in my life. It is heaven.

Now that my family is together, I can feel my energy shifting again and the ideas are flowing! I am so excited about what is yet to come but I couldn’t have been in this place if I tried to do it all. Follow your natural flow and your heart. Be authenitic to yourself!

Enjoy! Embrace Your Life!

Kelly MacLellan M.Sc.