“If you can imagine it you can create it. If you can dream it, you can become it.”

Ward, William Arthur

Good Afternoon!! Last week I wrote about ensuring that your goals are yours and not what you think you should have or want etc..

I received a few emails saying that this topic was really helpful and because I love talking about goals ~ I decided to share another tip:

Share and speak regularly about your dreams and goals with someone else.

Think about the past, was there ever a time when there was something that you really wanted but didn’t get? Did you end up dismissing the idea, dream or goal because it seemed unobtainable, silly or ridiculous?

What would have happened if you would have told someone about that dream? Well, try it today and find out. Here is an exercise I use in my coaching practice.

Think about something that you have always wanted in your life. I am talking really, really wanted – something that when you think about it, your heart beats faster and you smile.

Now write it out completely describing everything you see, feel, hear, taste, touch and smell and then choose someone to share it with – someone you can trust and ask them to simply listen.

Now describe to them the picture you have of your ideal mate, body, career, home or health. Use sensory descriptors – take them into the picture with you.

What you will find is that once these words escape your mouth they become more real and you see that new ideas and opportunities form because your dream is looking for ways to take form. AND because someone knows about your dream and goal – you are held more accountable!

Another reason to share with others is that, it is quite possible that the person you shared with will connect you with ideas, resources or people that will lead you further along in your journey. So please try it and share your dreams! :o)

In light of this topic: I would like to share my intention and dream with you ~ “My goal is to expand my business and reach more people, sharing inspirational and empowering information to help people align with their ideal lives and evolve toward their potential.”

Please help me by sharing with me your experience in a few sentences and whether the content in the Embrace Change Ezine or the Embrace Your Life Transition Blog has inspired or empowered you in any way.

I would like to post your words onto my website with the hope that your experience may inspire someone else along their journey and also to help me in meeting my goal of reaching more people in my work.

lf you are interested, please include your experience and if you would agree to let me post your name and city (and website if you have one) on my website as testimonial of the quality information that I share.

Thank you sincerely for your time and consideration of my request. Best wishes as you open yourself up and share your dreams with the world! Enjoy!!

Kelly McIntyre M.Sc.
Life/Career Coach

And if you didn’t download it from last week.. here is an additional resource to help you clarify and manifest your goals – Download the FREE Goal Setting Worksheet