Need a little inspiration or some advice?

Valuable wisdom surrounds us! Sit with your elderly relative or friend and record their story and extract their wisdom and lessons learned! I will post it here for all of us to benefit!

Let’s ask, listen and apply the wisdom gathered from people who have made it through so many life transitions!! Visit Inspiration Surrounds Us – Want to Participate? for more information.

My work is about helping people follow their hearts and act on their innate strength and wisdom when moving through life transitions toward their ideal life.

The intention of this project is to connect and bring families and friends together to talk, listen, share and then be inspired and spread the positive experience with others. It is a perfect Thanksgiving and Winter Holiday activity for families!

By posting this group’s wisdom and life stories to this blog, I hope to reach and help people who are looking for answers about how to deal with the challenges often faced in life.

Please visit my website and scroll to the bottom section “Get Connected Projects” and download the Inspiration Surrounds Us Activity. It is a one-paged exercise with detailed instructions of how to facilitate this exercise.

I am open to feedback so feel free to contact me to discuss your questions and concerns. Thank you for your cooperation and shared enthusiasm about the “Inspiration Surrounds Us” project!

Let´s Get Connected!!

Best wishes,

Kelly McIntyre M.Sc.