Namaste is one of the most beautiful terms I have ever heard. I love the sound and the flow of the greeting but it is the meaning behind it and the sacred feeling of saying Namaste that touches me deeply each time I use it in my life when addressing people.

The loose meaning of Namaste is “the soul in me sees the soul in you.”

Too often we rush through our lives, avoiding conversations, ignoring people and being distracted with our own inner talk to realize the clerk holding the door open for us, the cashier ringing us through or even our children wanting to share a tidbit of information.

When was the last time you looked into the eyes of a homeless man and saw the man? Or a stray animal and wondered where they came from and where they are going for the night?

Desensitization is one way to deal with the poverty and sickness around us another is through love and empathy. I am not advocating petting stray dogs as it may not be safe or befriending every person on the street inviting them into your home.

What I am advocating is to slow down, be conscious and see people, see animals. Look them in the eye, recognize their humanity and in the quiet moment during the exchange acknowledge the beauty and truth of that single moment: that we are all connected.


Kelly McIntyre M.Sc.