It depends on where you live but if your winters are cold like mine are here in Canada, you are likely spending a lot more time indoors. And with the holidays here, there are more sweets and other temptations surrounding us and we all know that overindulging often leads to lethargy.

So combine lethargy with cabin fever and it could lead to disaster 🙂 Well maybe not disaster, but definitely more pounds and irritable mood swings.

It is understandable that with minus 30 degree celcius with the windchill weather outside that I wouldn’t want to explore the outdoors, but this morning I woke up and knew I needed to get moving! I was even annoying myself :)!

During the holidays, our routines are interrupted or stopped completely and the side effect of this change is often increased stress. So in order to best enjoy the holiday time with family and friends, assuming you have a healthy routine, try to maintain it as much as possible. Keep up your relaxational and stress management techniques or try new things like:

  • Starting the day off with some quiet inspirational reading and journalling
  • Yoga, stretching and meditation
  • Experiment with fun, healthy, fresh recipes
  • Visit with friends and family doing an activity other than eating 🙂
Any other ideas you can suggest would be welcomed!

Happy Holidays!