We all have dreams of the way we want our lives to be. More of this, less of that and things we want to accomplish. But why isn’t it happening? Or fast enough?

Over the last five weeks while being in Canada visiting with friends and family, I have been able to catch up and hear the latest news and gossip! It has been great!! I have also heard people wanting to lose weight, change jobs, get healthy, grow their business, find passion in their lives and find a perfect mate!

While sharing my adventures and experiences of living in the Dominican Republic, people are a still a little uncertain of what I do professionally. Life coaching is a fairly new concept but it is building momentum all over the world!

Coaching is similiar to the Weight Watchers model. Why do people sign up for Weight Watchers? Because they are ready to lose weight and take action. Why does Weight Watchers work? Because there is accountability. People have to weigh in each week and meet with a counsellor to discuss their progress. Closer to weigh-in-day people are aware of their actions, they may eat less and exercise more, so as not to disappoint the counsellor, feel embarrassed or more importantly not to feel like they have let themselves down.

Weight Watchers works because people are held accountable to their goals. That is what I do. A coaching relationship works the same way, you have a goal and idea of what you want your life to be like and our weekly meetings hold you accountable to that goal. I provide support, tips and techniques to help you remain motivated and on track to attaining your goal.

Here are some success stories from people who have used Weight Watchers! That can be you! You can have what you want!

Creating a life you love is an ongoing journey, there is so much to learn along the way but doing the same thing and expecting new results will not work.

My goal is to help people create a life they love. I am deeply passionate about this goal. And I am accountable to the people I connect with every day to inspire them by following my own dreams. Yes, it can be challenging and scary but what is a life without dreams?

Best wishes to you today!