What can you do today that will move you closer to
actualizing your dreams?

Focus on one dream, visualize yourself having that dream as your reality right now. Complete one action by the end of the day that will move you forward in creating that dream. For example:
  • If you dream about going back to school then by the end of today contact the admissions representative at the desired school and for the specific program.
  • If you dream about being a better public speaker then contact Toastmasters or a similar organization and go to a meeting.
  • If you dream about losing weight then order a non fat latte instead of a full fat one, do a little more exercise today and write a list and examine all that you eat and how long you exercise in one day.
  • If you dream about being a better listener then focus today on asking people more questions and practice listening to their answers.

Dreams become reality one action at a time.