I had to share this story with you!
Last night I was at a meeting and sat across the room from a kind, smiling man with nice eyes. When it was his turn to introduce himself, he shared that he is a retired accountant and banker and is going in a new direction. He shared shyly that his passion is writing and singing. He didn’t share much else but later on, we connected and wow what a story!

30 years prior, this man spent a lot of time writing. He loved to write song lyrics but didn’t know how to take this dream further, so he shelved them – literally. He spent a lot of time beating himself up for not following his dream. For years, he kept wishing that he could be a song writer and singer but he needed to be responsible and work.

Time went by and now in his retirement, he pulled those lyrics off the shelf and studied them. He began to write again. An advertisement found its way to him from a company that creates music from your own written lyrics! So taking it as a sign, he sent off his lyrics and soon thereafter his music came back!

By chance (which we all know is really divine timing), he was invited to be in a local choir and now every Monday he sings!

And guess what, they were looking for new music – so this kind, smiling man brought in his music and in October, his work will be performed in front of an audience!! A dream come true!

I hope that you enjoyed this as much as I did, my heart is soaring! Let’s take our dreams seriously, treat them as the special gifts that they are given especially to us and embrace our lives now and follow our hearts today!!

Lots of love,

Kelly McIntyre M.Sc.
Life/Career Coach

AND if you are in the Windsor/Detroit area and have a dream to act – email me at Kelly@embraceyourlife.ca and I will put you in touch with a fantastic director who is looking to put you on the stage! Your dream is possible!