I have used positive affirmations for many years and have witnessed amazing shifts in my life! I work with my clients on developing their own affirmations to use throughout the day to let go of negativity and to create a higher vibration in their lives.
What is an affirmation and how do you use one?

I believe that everyone benefits from having their own coach and I have been studying the Law of Attraction through Jack Canfield’s program for a few months now and today he tweeted a list about Affirmations – so here it is, by Jack Canfield:

#1 An affirmation is a positive statement affirming your being in the state of having already accomplished the goal.

#2 So many affirmations out there. Why not create your own? Start with the words “I am” and remember to use present tense.

#3 Remember, affirmations CHANGE things. They Release the Brakes (and the breaks) and change your limiting beliefs.

#4 Remember to state affirmations in the positive. Affirm what you WANT, not what you don’t want.

#5 Affirmations program your subconscious mind.

#6 Keep your affirmations brief and repeat it often! Carry it in your pocket. Post-it to your steering wheel. Send it to your own voice mail.

#7 The Law of Attraction is INTENSIFIED by affirmations.

#8 Include an action word for your affirmations (ending in ing).

#9 Include at least one DYNAMIC emotion or feeling word in your affirmations.

#10 Use affirmations to greatly accelerate your success.

#11 Make affirmations for YOURSELF (not others).

#12 Use affirmations to create the life you DREAM of.
Kelly McIntyre M.Sc.
Life/Career Coach
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