What is preventing you from following what is in your heart?

Do you long to draw, paint or collage? Do you wish you could change careers or pursue an exciting hobby?

Maybe you dream of lush gardens or exotic cooking or interior design!

What happens to your body when you think and imagine yourself doing what your heart wants? Doesn’t it feel good?! Likely it does!

So, what is stopping you from taking action?

You don’t need a studio to be a potter or a sculptor. You don’t need to quit your job to be a writer, photographer or a dancer. You don’t need to leave your relationship to own your own business or will be considered a terrible parent to join a passionate cause.

“Indulging ourselves in a frantic fantasy of what our life would look like if we were real artists, we fail to see the many small creative changes that we could make at this very moment… Rather than take a scary baby step toward our dreams, we rush to the edge of the cliff and then stand there, quaking, saying. “I can’t leap. I can’t. I can’t.” ~ Julia Cameron –

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Enjoy & Embrace your Life!

With love,


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