There are few things in life that provide as much inspiration as does watching a marathon.

Yesterday, many people gathered and stretched down both sides of the palm-treed lined street that overlooks the sea here in Santo Domingo. In the rain, we cheered as the athletes travelled by us en route to the finish line; each one having raised money, practiced and trained for hours and looking powerful as they executed the task!

I looked around the crowd and recognized a common glimmer in peopleĀ“s eyes as they exuded support for the participants – excitement, hope, fascination! As we witness other people engaged in actualizing their dream, on some level we feel the energy of this event and become aware that our dreams are also attainable – and that is truly exciting!

One athlete, was a man with one leg and one arm. He was surrounded by a group of about 6 people, likely his family and an ambulance trailed close behind him. One step at a time he hopped down the slick street and three hours later completed the 10 km marathon and received his medal!

We too, have the power within us to choose to follow our goals and make our dreams reality! We are surrounded by systems and people who support us, that can pick us up when and if we fall. So today, choose one goal and take one step toward that goal and celebrate the journey of actualizing our dreams!

The proceeds from the 10K marathon went to the Dominican Association for Rehabiliation.