When you are admist change or transition in your career or relationship, you will inevitably at some point question the direction in which you are going. It is hard not to have fear and doubt when people readily share their unsolicited advice and opinions. Sometimes they even easily generate an endless list of reasons why you shouldn’t make the change. Like you haven’t thought of those already yourself!! 🙂

But you can do it! You really can – by trusting yourself.

When I first announced my plans to radically change my life, I quickly learned that I needed to be clear on what I wanted, communicate and act clearly on what I wanted and then check in with myself regularly to ensure I was still clear on what I wanted.

When you announce to the world that you are going to follow your heart, it creates a shift in many relationships in your life. And when other people feel that your change is going to interrupt or effect their lives — you bet, they will share their opinions!

Change causes many people great discomfort! So, when you can take a step back and understand that people are responding from their own place of fear, it can release you from feeling the need to defend yourself and your decision.

Try to understand that it is unfair to expect everyone in your life to jump quickly on board with your exciting change. However, it is completely acceptable to ask for respect and space from those who are pelting you with negative energy while you navigate your new waters. Eventually, you can create space again for them but you may need to protect yourself and your new ideas as they develop.

I didn’t consciously decide, “Today, I am going to trust myself”. No, it has taken a long time. Over the years, I spent a lot of time in meditation and had a strong relationship with my inner self and voice. Having this connection with myself prepared me for the response that came with deciding to make my change. I knew what I wanted and I trusted that it was the best for me.

I still find it amazing that what I wanted for myself (and created on my vision board) I now have! AND because I am happier than ever – all of the people that expressed concern and fear initially now share their love and support freely with me and often thank me for inspiring them to make changes in their own lives!!

Follow Your Heart!

Kelly McIntyre M.Sc.