I love cake! I especially love vanilla cake with loads of buttercream icing! I also love ice cream cake made with butterscotch ice cream!! I am sure I can come up with other cakes that I love and share the details but that is not the point of this entry – Focus Kelly!

Mostly everyone is familiar with the expression, “We want our cake and to eat it too.” But have you ever heard of this expression? “You want to eat your cake before it is even cooked and out of the oven?” I have never heard of that one before but yesterday it made me laugh and laugh and laugh… The person who delivered this fantastic expression was referring to my impatience, something I try really hard to improve and have obviously developed a sense of humour about.

When we are dealing with change or in a difficult transition we say things like, “Oh, it is never going to happen” or “when is this going to end?” We want whatever we are going through to move faster or change and be different but no matter how we will it, time drags on. Eventually when we throw our hands up, waving a white flag surrendering, “I give up!” do things ever shift. So that is where I am today, waving a white flag and waiting for a shift and the cake buzzer to tell me that my cake is ready to eat!

If you can identify and are ready and waiting to eat your cake, feel free to post your experiences here…