When you are in a rut it means that what you are doing is no longer working, at least for right now.

A great way to get started on the climb out of the rut is to immerse yourself in one or a couple of great books. Visit a bookstore or library and enter with the intention that you are open to receiving new ideas and then take your time wandering through the aisles. Let the books find you and record their messages. Check the community bulletin board and scan for any interesting workshops or courses in your area. Be lead by the messages that present themselves to you. Trust it!

Change starts from becoming aware and modifying our own behaviour. We all know how impossible it is to change someone else, so don’t even go there and begin by focusing on yourself, the chances of success are much greater! Access your resources; there is an abundance of information and people ready to inspire you!

Enjoy the journey! And Embrace Your Life!

Kelly MacLellan M.Sc.

Life/Career Coach