There is nothing like pushing through a day at work when you are feeling tired and frustrated. Especially when that day turns into a week and all you long for is the weekend!

We dream about how we want things to be but just don’t have the energy to get started. We know that living for the weekend is no way to live and that each moment is sacred so what can we do to get energized? How do we restore our hope and happiness?

I believe that when we begin to struggle in our lives it is because we are out of alignment; it is because what we are doing is not matching what we are thinking. Sometimes there are blocks and restrictions in our thinking and bodies that prevent us from moving forward and negative self-defeating thoughts take over.

The best place to start in regaining our natural peaceful and positive state is by returning to our breath and developing an accepting and loving awareness and appreciation of self.

It is love that makes the impossible possible. ~ Indian Proverb

There are many ways to get achieve this, through positive self talk and affirmations, yoga, meditation, visualization practices but one of my favourites is going to the spa for energy healing and deep tissue massage!!!

Tomorrow on Embrace Your Life Radio Show, I am excited to talk to Amy Pilmer of The Perfect Ten Salon about spa treatments and new trends in body work. Amy is many things including a passionate professional and also a Reiki practitioner who is skilled at clearing energy blocks. Want to know more ~ tune in tomorrow!

Embrace Your Life!

Kelly McIntyre M.Sc.
Life/Career Coach

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