I am stating the obvious here, there is so much information available to us online. Have you ever wanted to look up a random fact say on polar bears that would take 5 minutes and ended your search three hours later looking up old high school friends? It happens all the time and especially when you are job searching or changing careers.

When we are going through a career transition all of the information out there can seem overwhelming! Information on academic programs, recruiting companies, personality assessments, “How to” websites on resumes, cover letters, networking etc.. Many job searchers will confess to spending hours and hours researching faceless job boards without talking to anyone or getting a lead on a job.

For anyone who has job searched solely using the internet, you know that you can begin to feel very isolated and hopeless very quickly. Researching companies and collecting labour market information is essential, so instead of spending hours searching and searching online, develop a plan that will move you toward increased self-awareness and ultimately a more meaningful employment position. With my help as a Career Coach, I will help you navigate the information and together we will get the results you are working so hard to attain.