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This is an interesting discussion about why you should or shouldn’t get a coach during your job search or career transition. Take a peak…

You all know what my answer is 🙂

Yes! Working with a coach will help you during this period of transition – however brief disclaimer.. see my other post labelled career coach – about choosing the right coach for you and ensuring they have experience…

Working with a career coach will increase the speed that you will see results than if you were working alone. Also, a coach will hold you accountable to your goals. There is a lot going on during a job search ( eg. fear, family and personal pressure, ideas, big dreams, changing expectations, rejections, hopes, finances) and staying focused can be challenging.

You are well aware of these complexities facing you – as you are in it right now… having to deal with the emotional rollercoaster of navigating the responses from employers can be pretty detrimental to your ego… whew so much!..

So yes, having an experienced, supportive coach to debrief with once per week would help you move faster to your goal and keep you to task, avoiding many of the highs and lows.

A good thing to remember when job searching – is that this period in your life is temporary – you will work again – it is just a matter of time.

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